What is Co-working? All you need to know about coworking spaces!

What is coworking

You have heard it, seen those swanky office spaces, but always shied away from the idea of ‘coworking’ in a ‘shared office space’. If that’s a yes, you are missing out on living your best life!

The term ‘coworking’ was first used by Brad Neuberg in 2005 to describe a casual work environment where independent businesses can work under one roof. With the turn of the century, the global economy witnessed a sudden spurt of growth with new-age enterprises growing every day. The concept proved to be cost-effective, futuristic and cutting-edge. 

It’s no surprise that coworking spaces are multiplying every day at a growth rate of 24.2% and we can expect over 5 million people to be coworking by 2022. Fully-managed workspace with chic designs and equipped with meeting rooms, conference halls, event spaces, private cabins and dedicated desks- coworking promises the entire package you may need to scale your business.

Advantages of renting a coworking space.

Inflated rents, long term lease and uninspiring interiors have changed the rules. Paving way for stylish, contemporary and functional shared office spaces. Affordability is not the only differentiation for co-working spaces. Fully-managed shared office spaces cater to the need of every working professional whether you are a freelancer working on independent projects or a leader with a team, serviced co-working offices make the cut for all kinds of businesses. Traditional offices fail to offer the kind of comfort and peace of mind that co-working spaces do mainly due to the awful load of attention it requires, coupled with mounting running costs.


Instead of paying a lump some lock-in and setting aside a lion’s share of your company investment to build a chic office, coworking gives you the flexibility to choose the space you need at your budget with shorter lock-in periods. This is not only a viable option for startups and new businesses but well-established enterprises as well. Coworking spaces give you the flexibility to grow your business at your pace with different price and space options. You can also choose to use a coworking space only for meetings/conferences or on an hourly basis depending on your business requirements. 

 After all, new-age businesses, require new-age solutions.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Whether you are seeking office space for an hour to pitch your product to your clients or a peaceful place where you can work for 2-3 hours on your new novel- coworking is one-size-fits-all.

For freelancers and business with 2-3 people, coworking centres in India like Workflo offer pocket-friendly solutions like Flexi-pass ranging from hourly to monthly usage across all their centres. A Flexi pass gives you access to chic office space for as low as 1,999/month. For founders and entrepreneurs looking to scale their business, coworking is the best solution as it guarantees minimal investment. Promising long-term growth for the company with a window to scale up at ease. Giving you the chance to maximise your business profitability by saving costs.

Happy Employees, Happy You

Located in the top business hubs and prime locations, coworking spaces allow employees to enjoy all the conveniences that corporate life has to offer. Top coworking places like Innov8 and Workflo come equipped with fun zones, lounge areas, cafeterias and chic spaces that inspire productivity and gets the creative juices flowing. With easy ins and outs to the nearest lifestyle centres and a well-connected transport network, your employees can work at ease and enjoy a healthy work-life balance. Moreover, saving costs on managing and upscaling your office makes more room for fun initiatives for employee welfare. 

How cool is that?

Thriving work culture

In the world of coworking, there is never a dull moment.

Unlike walking into a traditional office with cubicles and conversations only around your business, coworking brings in a healthy mix of different enterprises under one roof. Creating a vibrant and inspiring work culture that you would love to be a part of. Coworking spaces like Innov8 and Workflo believe in creating a strong community centred on shared interests. You can interact with people from different backgrounds and might even find someone who can add value to your company or invest in your startup idea! Fun hobby sessions help bring different communities together and engage in productive conversations which helps strengthen your network and have great lunchtime conversations.

Top tips to choose the perfect coworking space.


No matter how much you end up saving, location is the key factor you must take into consideration while renting a coworking space. Clients and potential investors are always on the lookout for companies located in key corporate hubs and definitely not like travelling miles away from the city for a meeting. Choose a shared office space that is centrally located with proximity to city transportation and offers easy access to commercial zones.


Each coworking company has something different to offer in terms of workspace solutions. While most of them offer basic amenities, fun zones and lounge areas, make sure that you choose a space that fits your business requirement and budget. Private cabin sizes vary for each coworking space, so does the price for a personalised desk so make sure you opt for the perfect solution.


Go beyond the basics like AC and Wi-Fi and seek a workspace that offers state-of-the-art amenities like open-air lounges, sleep pods, dedicated reception assistance, video game zones and more to make your work-life simpler. Coworking brands like Innov8 offer entertainment zones for employees to relax after a long day of work and a Flexi-pass to ensure ease of access across all centres.

Management and Value Added Services

While most coworking spaces take care of the essentials like housekeeping and offer spocs to look after your day-to-day requirements, make note of the maintenance of the property. Ask for additional services that can elevate the overall coworking experience for you and your employees like valet parking, laundry services or meal packages.


Being a part of a lively community helps exchange ideas and uplift your spirits. Check out all the community-driven activities conducted by the coworking brand and opt for the one that instils a positive work culture by regularly hosting fun activities hosted on ground or online. This will help foster stronger relationships among your team members and create a positive outlook towards work.

Is coworking cut out for you?

From freelancers to CXOs of multi-billion dollar businesses- coworking is a suitable choice for all kinds of professionals. Whether you are looking to expand, hire more employees and expand your operations into another office or a month into your business, coworking solutions can cater to all your business needs. With multiple offerings like a personal desk for 1, private cabin for 20 or an entire floor for 100, there are multiple options you can choose from. 

Based on your aesthete, budget and location, take the leap into the world of coworking today!  Call 99994 66688 to know coworking options that are most suitable for your business.

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