Enterprise Solutions from OYO Workspaces: To help you meet your business goals!

The past few months have given us a chance to reflect on what we stand for, and what we’re really good at? We’ve been managing spaces across the country, catering to a diverse set of occupiers for their short, medium and long term requirements. We’ve understood that our primary capabilities are:

  • World-Class Design Capabilities
  • Project Execution Capabilities: Quicker than most and at lower cost
  • Services & Operations Expertise: Learning and SOPs gained from our global experiences
  • Cost Savings from Economies of Scale
  • Vendor Tie-Ups and Value Added Services, and most importantly
  • Ability to be flexible and provide tailored solutions to clients

Seeing the dynamic nature of the world we live in, where flexibility is of paramount importance, we’ve understood that our primary role is to “aid productivity for employees of an Enterprise and help them reach their business goals through our Real Estate Solutions.” To do the same, we’ve developed our Enterprise Solutions Program, where we will be consulting enterprises on:

  • Ways they can safely come back to offices
  • Operate in a distributed manner across cities if decentralization is the thrust
  • How their teams can benefit from our existing network of centers
  • How they can benefit from our tailor-made, dedicated managed office solutions

To briefly delineate some of these solutions

RE Strategy/ RequirementOYO Workspace Solution
Looking to distribute Offices across a Hub and Spoke Model?Occupiers may utilize our existing network across the 7 Cities, and we can also build and manage bespoke offices as per requirements
Looking at Regional Offices with Low CommitmentsOur Centers can be a perfect home for occupiers with no upfront capex requirements and short term commitments
Shifting Corporate Offices without the hassleWe can create solutions within our Centers or at mutually agreeable new locations where we build and manage occupier offices. NO upfront Capex or shorter commitments as compared to standard leases
Office ConsolidationIf the requirement is to consolidate to one location, we can provide solutions at our existing centers or, acquire a dedicated space for the occupier and provide a fully managed office solution
Short Term/ BCP Requirements/Space to Work before the Office opens upEven if the company is looking at a temporary Solution for a few Months, we have Solutions with Zero Lock-in to short lock-in Periods. If employees are looking for spaces to work, we have the Flexi Pass solution which provides access to our live centers, with all their amenities, at prices as low as INR 3000 per month!

The coming months would be interesting with the definition of ‘normal’ evolving. Businesses need to be agile, adaptable and resilient. These qualities, coupled with a bias for action have always been part of the OYO group’s DNA which has enabled it to expand to 80+ countries with several lines of businesses.

OYO Workspaces can hence stand side by side with the enterprise, as a partner to help it not just sustain, but thrive.

If you wish to know more about our Enterprise Solution Program, please fill the form below and our workspace consultant will call you.


Alternatively, you can also call us at 99994 66688.

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